Psapp - Early Cats and Tracks Volume 2

Early Cats and Tracks Volume 2


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Psapp - Early Cats and Tracks Volume 2

This compilation is a second collection of some of our early and previously unavailable tracks from various EPs from the olden days...and features the voice of Galia's Dad, some extremely loved noises including a rhythm section with crisps crunching, a visit to the pub and some sellotape. This will be a digital only release.


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  1. Psapp - Feel the Fur
  2. Psapp - Dad’s Breakdown
  3. Psapp - Scissory
  4. Psapp - Northdown C
  5. Psapp - Happy Lamb
  6. Psapp - Whores
  7. Psapp - How Things Turn Up
  8. Psapp - Who Knows My Ohs