Psapp - Rear Moth

Rear Moth


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7" Vinyl EP 4 tracks £10.00


Psapp - Rear Moth

STOCK ROOM FIND!! Another 10 found

Four tracks of warped folktronica in hand made meadow sleeves. 'grand opening' features samples from the opening of a quicksave and shawn lee on vocals, 'do something wrong' is simply a cracking tune, with galia durant on vocals, 'whores', the instrumental, fully shows off carim classman's production skills, and finally 'your game' is galia's love song to john shuttleworth, absolute proof that julie was wrong, and gordon was, indeed, a moron.


7" Vinyl EP (WIAIWYA05)
  1. Grand Opening
  2. Do Something Wrong
  3. Whores
  4. Your Game