Psapp - Tiger, My Friend

Tiger, My Friend


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Psapp - Tiger, My Friend

Our debut album on lovely vinyl with drawings of trees, ants, keyboards and cats


"It's hard to find fault with this uplifting debut"

"A massively inventive debut"
Q Magazine

"That [Psapp] completely circumvent high blood sugar whimsy is testament to the duo's songwriting ingenuity and Durant's silken vocal cords".

At times touching and at others completely silly.
Almost Cool

These are classic songs that manage to employ the wit and intelligence of underground production within a framework that you could only truly describe as pop. This music is tantalisingly light, airy, complex and always hugely charming, massively life affirming.
It's very hard to write about music you've so utterly fallen in love with - though a quick listen to these tracks and you'll no doubt feel the same.


12" Vinyl Album (UK album) (ARABLE4)
  1. Northdown Flat B1 (Album Version)
  2. Rear Moth (Album Version)
  3. Leaving in Coffins (Album Version)
  4. Calm Down (Album Version)
  5. Velvet Pony (Album Version)
  6. About Fun (Album Version)
  7. Curuncula (Album Version)
  8. King Kong (Album Version)
  9. The Counter (Album Version)
  10. Chapter (Album Version)
  11. Tiger, My Friend (Album Version)
CD Album (UK album) (ARABLE4CD)
  1. Northdown Flat B1
  2. Rear Moth
  3. Leaving in Coffins
  4. Calm Down
  5. Velvet Pony
  6. About Fun
  7. Curuncula
  8. King Kong
  9. The Counter
  10. Chapter
  11. Tiger, My Friend