Psapp - Tourists



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Psapp - Tourists

With Psapp, the song comes first. It is KING. But with each listen, more and more layers reveal themselves – an organ turns out to be a layer of ambient recordings, carefully crafted into an instrument. What seemed to be a drum kit reveals itself as an assembly of bones, logs, clicks and bicycle parts. Is that a crushed fly on bar four? Almost certainly. It's possible to hear the songs in a different light depending on how close you listen, too – a blast on headphones exposes the perfectly arranged madness in its full beauty.


“Beneath a surface of eccentric sounds and malfunctioning clicks and whirrs lies an outstanding and unlikely exercise in hip-swivelling rhythm ‘n’ blues ”
— Metro


CD Album (CON334CD)
  1. Psapp - uPVC
  2. Psapp - Progress
  3. Psapp - Tourist
  4. Psapp - Woods
  5. Psapp - Vision
  6. Psapp - Glove
  7. Psapp - Slippery
  8. Psapp - Pieces
  9. Psapp - Land
  10. Psapp - Orekche
  11. Psapp - Work
  12. Psapp - A Fit
  13. Psapp - BIG